Twelve Hour Rave w/ Dispar Vulgo [All night long]

Twelve Hour Rave w/ Dispar Vulgo [All night long]
Datum: zaterdag 16 september 2017
Organisatie: Deep Dish chase
Locatie: Poema
Plaats: Utrecht - Nederland
Stijlen: Techno
Aanvang: 00:00
Einde: 12:00
Entree: Gratis!
Leeftijd: vanaf 18 jaar
00:00 - 12:00 : Dispar Vulgo

On November 7th 2015, Twelve Hour Rave challenged Dispar Vulgo to a twelve hour set. Having accepted this challenged, he paved the way for what was going to be the longest all-nighter we had ever done. We picked Dispar because of his energetic and brutal sound. After Awakenings one year ago, his skill couldn’t go unnoticed anymore.

The night was truly amazing, the underground vibe, the sound and the people. Everything was right from the start. It was after this night that we decided to go through with finding more DJ’s we could challenge to a twelve hour set. We found Stranger, Ritzi Lee, Scalameriya and many more.

After 10 lovely nights we were contemplating a new booking. Who is ready for the challenge, or is it time to bring back Dispar Vulgo? Yes it is!

A password will give you free access to this free techno rave. We will release the way to the password on the day of the rave at this Fb-event. Please be patient. If you don't like the idea of a password, you're free to pay five euros at the entrance to get in.

You can enter the rave from midnight (Saturday on Sunday) till five in the morning. After five you can only enter the rave if you're totally fresh and lighthearted.

Party Tips
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